During these uncertain times, it is strange to think back to how things once were – one realises that the little things, which one took for granted, were actually the important things.

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from the owner

Stephnie’s was established 9 years ago (May 2011) and we have been through many challenges as a restaurant, country and world during these past 9 years, but never in my wildest dreams would I have envisaged the pandemic and economic crisis in which we currently find ourselves.

Since the start of nationwide lockdown, most South Africans’ lives have had come to a complete standstill. In the same way, life at Stephnie’s also had to come to a temporary standstill and we as the Stephnie’s family are feeling the effects of the lockdown.

Even though we were able to pay the salaries of our 68 staff for the duration of the national lockdown, we cannot provide the extra income that our staff would have been able to generate by the means of tips and/or other allowances. We would thus like to appeal for your assistance in one of two ways:

Your good-hearted donations will be converted into digital vouchers using the Computicket platform and our staff will then be able to use these vouchers to provide their families with food and other necessities.

These vouchers are to be used for future dining experiences with us and they offer excellent value for money as they are currently being sold at UP TO 20% DISCOUNT.

As this pandemic redefines our definition of “normal”, Stephnie’s will adapt with the times:

  • Taking social distancing and restrictions on group gatherings into account:
    • Our seating plan will be appropriately reconfigured .
    • Uber Eats will soon be able to deliver your Stephnie’s favourites to your door.
    • Delicious platter-style dishes (for delivery) will be added to our menu, with which you can impress your guests.
  • We will continue to uphold the highest standards of health and safety, to protect our staff and our customers:
    • Staff will continue to use personal protective equipment, including gloves and face masks
    • Staff will be screened on a daily basis

We, at Stephnie’s, know that the future is uncertain and we thus ask that you to please be open minded about possible trading limitations that might be enforced post-lockdown. We also welcome any suggestions (hyperlink) that you may have that will assist us in continuing to provide you with excellent service and products.

We pray that God will be with our Stephnie’s family (employees and customers) and keep them and that they will find peace and comfort in the knowledge that He is in control.


God bless,


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