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  1. The rules set out in this document constitute the terms and conditions which will govern the participation by any member of the public (“Purchaser”) in the Stephnie’s COVID-19 Gift Voucher and Donation promotion. (“Promotion”)

Promotion Period This Promotion will run from 25 April 2020 until Stephnie’s provides a public notice that the Promotion has ended, which shall be after the South African government’s lockdown regulations have been lifted and restaurants and bars in South Africa are allowed to re-open (the “Promotion Period”). 

Purchase and Payment Process

  1. The criteria for participation are as follows. The Purchaser must:
    • Have internet access
    • be in possession of a cellular number
    • be in possession of valid email address
  2. In order to purchase a voucher or make a donation, the Purchaser must select the appropriate action by going to Stephnie’s website at www.stephnies.co.za, and following the steps to either BUY A VOUCHER or DONATE.
  3. If BUY A VOUCHER is selected, the Purchaser will have the choice of purchasing a Stephnie’s Voucher to the value of R150 (with 10% discount), R250 (with 10% discount), R450 (with 10% discount), R550 (with 15% discount), R800 (with 15% discount) or R1200 (with 20% discount).
  4. If DONATE is selected, the Purchaser will have the choice to donate any amount of money with a minimum of R100.
  5. Just prior to checkout and payment, Purchasers are required to supply their Name, Surname, mobile number and email address to enable purchase of a voucher or donation, and to enable Stephnie’s to redeem the voucher unambiguously in future.  
  6. Upon checkout and payment, The Purchaser is transferred to Payfast™ payment gateway, where credit card details or EFT details will have to be entered to facilitate the payment. Stephnie’s will not store any credit card or Instant EFT details entered as thes are handled by the Payfast™ website.  Payfast™ terms and conditions can be found at https://www.payfast.co.za/end-user-agreement and their privacy policy at https://www.payfast.co.za/privacy-policy.
  7. Communication with Purchaser 
    • Communications shall be made via the contact details provided by the Purchaser during purchase of the Stephnie’s Voucher. Each Purchaser is responsible for ensuring that their details are captured correctly when purchasing the Stephnie’s Voucher, as failure to do so may result in Stephnie’s being unable to contact the Purchaser which could result in forfeiture of the Stephnie’s Voucher. 
    • SAB shall endeavour to notify the Purchaser that their Stephnie’s Voucher purchase has been successful promptly upon purchase, by sending an email, containing the Stephnie’s Voucher details, to the email address provided by the Purchaser. In the unlikely event that a Purchaser has not received confirmation of their Stephnie’s Voucher purchase within 14 days, they are requested to contact Stephnie’s as soon as possible, by telephone at 012 348 8943 or by email to manager@stephnies.co.za.
    • Stephnie’s will not share any personal information with any third party except where such disclosure is necessary to enable Stephnie’s to communicate with the Purchasers via third party communications platforms.  In such an event, Stephnie’s will still ensure that personal information is protected and only be used for purposes of communication with Purchasers. At no point, will Purchaser private information be sold or distributed.
  8. Stephnie’s Voucher Redemption

    Stephnie’s Vouchers may be redeemed against any food or drink items sold by Stephnie’s, and by producing a printed copy of the emailed voucher. The redemption of Stephnie’s Vouchers shall be subject to Purchasers and/or their guests abiding by any relevant terms and conditions of Stephnie’s, which will be aligned with any specific COVID-19 related lockdown rules. Stephnie’s Vouchers will expire on 30 December 2021.
  9. Stephnie’s Vouchers are non-refundable, non-transferable and not exchangeable for their monetary value or for any other form of compensation; the Stephnie’s voucher should be fully utilised, no change will be given; (ii) Stephnie’s shall not be liable in any way in the event that a Purchaser is unable to utilise a Stephnie’s Voucher for any reason beyond Stephnie’s reasonable control, including insolvency or its failure to resume trading at the end of the National Lockdown Period. If for any reason a Purchaser is unable to receive or utilise the Stephnie’s Voucher, the entire Stephnie’s Voucher shall be forfeited without any right to compensation by Stephnie’s.